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Embodied Mindfulness Training Course For Educators

Hosted by Breakwater

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Looking for a way into a mindfulness practice that doesn’t require long periods of sitting still or tying yourself into a pretzel?

Been inspired to bring mindfulness into your classroom, but didn’t know how to do this authentically?

EMBODIED MINDFULNESS is an active, body-centered approach to a mindfulness practice, based in yoga philosophy: the union of body, mind, and spirit.




Through this course participating educators will:

  • Develop a home embodied mindfulness practice;
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to share with your students;
  • Discover for yourself, and for your students, a powerful resource of wisdom, creativity, and intelligence: your body.

More effective than traditional seated meditation practice, Embodied Mindfulness is proven to: 

  • Reduce stress; 
  • Promote higher cognitive functioning and job performance; 
  • Reduce chronic pain and IBS;
  • Lesson symptoms of depression and anxiety.


No previous yoga or mindfulness experience required. No physical limitation is a barrier to this course.

If you can breathe, you can do this.

Danielle Gorman, c-IAYT, is one of the first yoga therapists in the state of Maine to receive full certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is also a veteran teacher and educational consultant. Currently, she teaches general music,creative movement, and mindfulness at Breakwater School where she is developing a dual purpose mindfulness & music education curriculum for Early Childhood. In addition, she has a private mind/body therapy family practice, and teaches training courses & workshops on embodied mindfulness throughout the state of Maine.

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