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Mindful Music Masters:
A Dual Purpose Mindfulness and Early Childhood Music Education Curriculum

The benefits of music education and mindfulness have been widely researched and reported for all ages. Both create significant gains in cognitive development and social and emotional learning for all students (and teachers!) Many children's yoga and mindfulness programs are rich in musical activities- however, traditional music education goals have not been intentionally integrated.

Mindful Music Masters is the first of its kind - an innovative curriculum intentionally maintaining high educational standards for the delivery of music and creative movement education to young people in addition to a classic, complete curriculum of embodied mindfulness and meditation.
Come and experience a full day of activities and strategies you can use with your students. Share with Danielle Gorman, the creator of Mindful Music Masters, your specific challenges in offering these two subjects to your students and what you would need to be most successful.  Be on the ground floor of this exciting new approach to music and mindfulness education.

Danielle Gorman, c-IAYT, is one of the first yoga therapists in the state of Maine to receive full certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She is also a veteran teacher and educational consultant. Currently, she teaches general music, creative movement, and mindfulness at Breakwater where she is developing a dual purpose mindfulness and music education curriculum for Early Childhood. In addition, she has a private mind/body therapy family practice, and teaches training courses and workshops on embodied mindfulness throughout the state of Maine.

Date and Time: Saturday, May 6 from 8:30am-4:30pm
Location: Workshop is held on the Breakwater campus.
Cost: $75.
WHAT EDUCATORS ARE SAYING about Mindful Music Masters and Danielle Gorman

  • "This curriculum is so valuable -  it doesn't come naturally to me....the benefits I experienced while in this workshop makes me inspired to bring it back to my class"
  • "Danielle is dynamic, engaging, very knowledgable, and able to make this material approachable to people of all abilities."
  • "The experiential qualities of this workshop make me excited to bring this back to my classroom"
  • "Mindful Music Masters is thoughtful, speaks to multiple learning styles. The emotional intelligence of the child is respected.  It provides purposeful, practical community building activities for our school.
  • "There is nothing else like this available."
  • "I want to do this for a living!"
  • "This workshop left me feeling inspired. Thank you."

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This course is currently in session through April 11 and registration is closed. To receive notification of future professional development programs, please email us.  

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This course is currently in session through May 9 and registration is closed. To receive notification of future professional development programs, please email us

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