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The Nason’s Corner Greening Project is a collaborative environmental education and community development endeavor to transform the school’s playground and the adjacent Nason’s Corner Park into a natural, multipurpose play and learning area that will benefit not only Breakwater School and Enrichment Center, but the entire Portland community. The partnership includes Breakwater School, the City of Portland, the Nason’s Corner Neighborhood Association, and the Portland Trails School Ground Greening Coalition.

Through the generous support of patrons and partners like you, we have completed Phase 1 of the project, which includes an extended natural playground with structures built into and out of the earth including running hills, slides, climbing walls and tunnels. We have planted trees, shrubs and natural flowers. We have completed Phase 2, an Early Childhood exploration area with nature-based zones for our youngest friends and further enhance aspects of Breakwater’s outdoor campus. Please donate today to support Phase 3.